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Free DNS Zone for your domain

Create your DNS records completely for freefor any domain you manage via IpHost system and manage it online.

You may create any type of DNS record such as CNAME, A, TXT, MX κτλ.

Online Management
Online Management

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DNS Records
DNS Records


How it works

If you have a server to host your domains and which has no name servers (dns) on its own, then you can use this service to create the relative dns records (A, CNAME, MX etc) in order your domain to “point” to the respective ip. Furthermore, after you create the dns zone, you can modify it in order to change the dns records, if needed, or to add new ones.


This service IS NOT the same as declaring dns on your domain.

n case you have been given dns to declare on your domain from your hosting company, you have to log in your IpHost account and go to “My Domains” option.


For this service to work, you need to declare dns ns04.iphost.gr and ns05.iphost.gr to your domain through “My Domains” option available in your IpHost account.

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