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Free Google Records
Google Records

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DNS Zones & Multiple Records
DNS Zones & Multiple Records

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Online DNS Zone Management
Online DNS Zone Management

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Do you want to use Google Cloud services but you don’t have active DNS? Transfer or Register your domains via IpHost system and create Google DNS Records easily and quickly!

Google Cloud services including Google Mail (Gmail) is one of the most popular services across the internet. In particularly, Google Mail is a free e-mail service developed by Google via which users can create their own email address. Then, they can manage their e-mails via webmail or via e-mail clients (POP/IMAP).

How it works

For Google services to work it is necessary to declare particular DNS Records on the respective domain.

What happens when the domain has no DNS?

If you have your domain to IpHost as registrar, you can declare the respective Google DNS Records instantly via your domain list in your IpHost Account System by clicking on the respective domain. Then you choose Create / Manage DNS Zones and check Google DNS Records checkbox. There is also a field IP where you type a random ip address, if you don’t already have one to use at the time.

If don’t have your domain to IpHost as registrar, it’s time for transfer!


For this service to work, DNS and must be declared on the domain. If your domain has different DNS declared, activation procedure will pop up a notification mentioning that the system is about to modify DNS and you have to confirm it. When activation is completed it will take 1-6 hours for dns refreshing.

Register your domains and activate Free Google DNS Records
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