Unique IP

Identify yourself on Web

What is Unique IP?

A Unique IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique addres on the internet dedicated completely to one hosting account. IP address routes internet traffic to the right place, the same way as a postal code. Many different people can share the same postal code which applies to the ip addresses as well.

Why use a Unique IP?

f you have a website hosted to a server (web hosting), then it has an ip address. If you don’t have a Unique IP for your hosting, you share the main (shared) IP address of the server among with the rest of the hosting account located on the same server. In most cases, that’s ok. However, in case of spam from a hosting account, your e-mail is also affected despite the fact that you are not responsible. So, maybe you need a Unique IP if you don’t want shared IP for your e-mail.


Direct Access

A Unique IP allows you to view your website by using the ip on the browser. You may access your website’s files via FTP or browser.


DNS Update

When a DNS update takes place for your domain name, accessing your website is no possible for hours (usually 1-6 but in some cases 24-48 hours). This can cause major problems if you immediately have to check website changes. With Unique IP you can upload content and preview your website without problems! Just type your Unique IP on browser and your website will appear at once.

Unique IP Advantages

A Unique IP is one and only and provides identity,, something that shared IP adresses do not provide. Most domain names are sharing their ip addresses with hundreds of other domain names. As a result, if a domain name faces problems, all domain names might be affected.

Some search engines or Internet Service Providers (ISP) will impose penalty to an IP address if one of its domain names send spam or host a blog or website that sends spam. With Unique IP you can avoid these disadvantages coming with IP address sharing.

Some SEO experts believe that a Unique IP can offer higher place at search engine results. Search engines face Unique IP positively because the domain name is not related or connected with other domain names.