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Under Construction Page
Under Construction Page

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Did you just get your domain but your haven’t completed your website yet? Transfer or Register your domains via IpHost system and create Under Construction page with only a few clicks!

For every domain you manage via IpHost system you can activate a free Under Construction page that will then appear when visitors type your domain in browsers. Choose from graphic templates we provide and made exclusively by our designers and activate your page! Choose from multiple colors and add your contact details, if you wish, so that anybody interested can contact you.

How it works

If you already have your domain to IpHost as registrar, you can instantly activate Free Under Construction page via your domain list in your IpHost Account System by clicking on the respective domain. Afterwards, you choose Under Construction Page and then Enable. Please read instructions carefully. As always, IpHost support is here for you for every issue you meet.

If don’t have your domain to IpHost as registrar, it’s time for transfer!


For this service to be activated, DNS,, and If your domain has different DNS declared, activation procedure will pop up a notification mentioning that the system is about to modify DNS and you have to confirm it. When activation is completed it will take 1-6 hours for dns refreshing and then Under Construction page will appear when visitors type your domain to browsers (with or without www).


Under Construction Templates

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