SSL Certificates

The now necessary SSL certificates encode all sensitive data, like credit cards’ data, in order not to be stolen. Ask us to activate free SSL we provide (as long as your hosting service supports it) or choose SSL from the top companies in Security field.

Spam Experts

With its smart information technology to filter e-mails, Spam Experts blocks spam before it reaches your network. Also, it is constantly improved to identify new spam and malicious software. Spam Experts adds protection layer to incoming mail flow and construction making mail management easier.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS) is a multi-tool that initiates active scans of files at the exact moment they are uploaded. This way it protects the server from any malicious activity (exploits, malware) by removing suspicious files and moving them to quarantine. Necessary for all hosting services. Provided for free to our hosting services.

Rv Site Builder

Create your wedsite easily and quickly with RVsitebuilder, the new and innovative development tool for websites. With the great variety it provides, RVsitebuilder increases the quality level of hosting services with countless possibilities in website development. Many options, ready to use templates and additional features such as newsletter, guest book etc are built-in.


Famous Softaculous suite to put an end to difficult web applications and tools installation for your website. Now you can have your web application ready with only a few clicks! Choose of the hundreds of available applications such as Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Opencart and many other to build your internet presence.

Unique IP

Get a Unique IP and benefit from the advances that shared IP addresses can’t provide. You have web identity and you are not affected from spam incidents for which you are not responsible. In addition, according to SEO experts, a Unique IP can offer higher place at search engine results for your website.

Server Monitoring

Zabbix: an extremely powerful monitoring system which allows you to find and solve malfunctions before they cause problems to your business and clients. You receive alerts and you have access to functionality history with server graphs that informs you of the overall server report.

Server Management

Worrying for your server's uptime and how to solve any problem that might come up? IpHost Extreme Support is here for you! Choose from Simple or Advanced Server Management and your server’s well-being is technical support’s responsibility. Be informed for services and benefits of Management to decide which is more suitable for you.

Extreme Web Solutions

In the demanding Internet field, a web hosting company must not just stay at classic hosting solutions but be able to offer more. IpHost is one of the most innovative companies and always distinguishes by offering what nobody else can: Unique installations and solutions to serve even the most demanding! Do you have high requirements? We have the perfect solution!