Server Management

Worrying for your server's uptime and how to solve any problem that might come up? IpHost Extreme Support is here for you! Activate now Server Management and let your server to us!

* At any case, for security reasons, server's root password will be know only to IpHost technical support and will not be sent to anyone, not even you.

* Server Management is an extra service activated either automatically during Server order or manually at a later time after you contact us.

* Server Management is distinguished to Simple and Advanced mentioning below.

Server Management



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What is provided

What is provided

Simple Server Management

It is a basic management service of your server with a limited support for technical problems in case of malfunction. Moreover, Simple Server Management includes:

  • OS and system updates and control panel frequent updates as soon as we support it (cpanel, virtualmin, plesk). Also, system components updates (php, mysql, etc) as long as they can automatically be updated.
  • New control panel plugins/modules installation, as long as it can automatically be implemented.
  • Recovery actions in case your server or its services (http, ftp etc) are not responding.
  • Instructions/advices for common/known problems not related with server’s functionality (e.g. hosting settings, e-mail settings or database connection issues etc).
  • Your technical requests get higher priority in compare with Unmanaged customers.


Advanced Server Management

It is an advanced management service of your server with full support for technical problems in case of malfunction. Moreover, Advanced Server Management includes:

  • All services provided by Simple Server Management.
  • Top priority support
    Your technical requests get the highest possible priority compare to the rest of the customers (simple managed or unmanaged).
  • Service plan
    Consulting services: We provide Pre-Sales services for you and your customers.
    Solution planning: We plan the solution together according to your needs.
    Security planning: We plan and suggest security level and we help you choose the one that best suits you.
    Minimum downtime planning: We plan time and way to transfer yourserver or application in order to minimize downtime.
  • Transfer from different provider
    OS Compatibility Check: We check compatibility of the OS we suggest so your server to uninterruptedly function.
    Control Panel Compatibility Check: We check compatibility of the control panel we suggest so to transfer any settings possible from the old one.
    File transfer: We transfer your files from old provider.
    Solution Compatibility Check: We check if new solution is compatible before we go live.
    System improvements: We improve OS parameters and services according to your needs.
  • Maintenance
    Regular OS updates: We regularly update operating system to always be fast and secure.
    Regular Control Panel updates: We regularly update control panel to always be fast and secure. We, also, update components (php, mysql etc) that control panel provides (cost of licenses for maintenance tools included).
  • Security
    Check for rootkits, malware, virus, spams etc.: We check for electronic threats such as rootkits, malware, virus. We face and solve server spam (spammer detection, mail queue cleanning, password modification if necessary, blacklisting delist ip requests).
    Managed Security monitoring: In case we detect any problem we act immediately and your intervention is not necessary.
    OS and Control Panel Security Patches installation: We install any urgent security patches apart from those we install during regular maintenance. (cost of licenses for maintenance tools included)
  • Advanced technical support
    – Installation of new plugins/modules on control panel despite it requires automatic or manual procedure as long as it is supported from control panel.
    – In case of server downtime or services (http, ftp etc) malfunction, apart from recovery actions, we maintain further check to find the source of the problem occured, if possible.
    – Actions to solve problems and malfunctions in server or/and hosting level.
    – Check/solve of warnings/alerts that server sends.
    – Modifications in server or/and hosting level for functionality you need to apply, as long as system installation supports it.
    – Advices and proposals for site optimization in case a website causes general server problem.