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Why choose it?

E-mail is the most important means of communication at modern bussiness world. At the same time, spam remains the most serious threat to production and performance at electronic communcation. Spammers are motivated from money profit, challenge, ideology or just misleading. As a result, anti-spam system from Spam Experts is a tool that every organization need to use nowadays.

Spam Experts

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Spam Experts Features

Spam Experts Features

Secure your network from spam, phishing generally malicious software (virus, malware)

Spam Experts applies smart technology to filter incoming e-mails and block spam before it even reaches your network.


Immediate spam detection

Smart system of filtering update daily processes millions of e-mails each second. Spam Experts constantly applies updates to improve secure data collection and analysis on spam detection and malware identification. This accurate intelligence is shared at real time with users worldwide ensuring in-time protection against new threats.


Smooth e-mail flow

It adds another protection layer to flow and instruction of incoming mail making e-mails’ processing a very easy task. When mail server is not responding for some reason, Spam Experts maintains incoming e-mail to queue in order to deliver it when mail server is back online.


Resources performance improvement

By activating the high performance filtering system you will no longer receive massive amount of incoming e-mails. Under a hosting environment with control panel, Spam Experts can save up to 80% of resources you use!


How to activate?

Spam Experts service is provided to all our hosting plans either for shared or for server (VM, Dedicated) and it is activated after you contact us. First month can be provided for free if you would like to test the service first. Then, if you would like to continue, you may renew it for as long as you wish according to monthly cost. Are you now interested in Spam Experts system? Ask us!


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