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Powerful Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud VM solutions for every professional that wants their own server or server network in affordable prices but without sacrificing quality and security!

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Virtual Machine Features

Top hardware and software for our Cloud Services

SSD Storage

SSD Storage

Improve server performance and speed up to 40 times in comparison with conventional solutions. High Availability (HA) SSD storage guarantees your services' performance and quality.

1 to 1 resources

1 to 1 resources

Your virtual machine's resources are real, 1 to 1, and not shared with other hosting services. RAM and Disk Space assigned to your server are allocated only for you. Zero overselling.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

High quality VM Services and hosting in Greece in competitive prices. Flexible and cost-effective solutions even in comparison with hosting plans abroad.

Management Tool

Management Tool

Advanced possibilities to manage your VM via Reboot, Reboot in Recovery, Shut down, Reset Password and more. Connect to your server via console.

Advanced Services

Advanced Services

Your VM can be managed from IpHost Technical Team for technical services required (update, advanced checks, advanced support).

KVM Virtualization

KVM Virtualization

KVM Virtualization provide high services' performance and quality with Security Enhanced Linux advanced security.

Virtual Appliances

Virtual Appliances

Pre-installed appliances like Mail Server, Back-Up Server, LAMP, Ticketing and more appliances of your choice.

Extreme Support

Extreme Support

Technical support provided by our experienced staff that are always willing to respond to your request as soon as possible via telephone, chat and ticketing system. Tech team is here not only to solve but to prevent any problem.

Greek Datacenter

Greek Datacenter

Private lines and infrastructure located to the best Greek Datacenter ATHENS 2 of «LAMDA Hellix» with services and technologies met to world class datacenters.

Virtual Machine Plus

Virtual Machine Plus

Full Redundancy Hardware

Extra hardware (switch, routers, firewall, disks etc) that is used as backup in case the main hardware fails. Automatic failover ensures that service is always available even in the event of a failure.

Firewalling & VLAN

Internet networking for our servers is configured via VLANs over a Firewall for secure and reliable connectivity.

Two Storage Technologies

Our Virtualization infrastructure uses two storage technologies, CEPH & Gluster, for better VM performance depending on its needs.

Rules for storage

  • Guaranty READ 350 MB/s
  • Guaranty WRITE 350 MB/s

Hypervisor Technologies

  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine - Red Hat
  • Xeon CPU v3+ and 64+ cores
  • Minimum 384GB RAM

HA cluster between Hyper-V

Our Cloud Hypervisors are clustering with High Availability (HA) featuring reliability, resiliency and increased performance.

InfiniBand Network

InfiniBand network is used for storage communication. Very high throughput and very low latency.

Network security

Internet Firewalls with security rules, protection mechanism and live monitoring of network behaviour are protecting our servers' network from outside attacks.

High Speed Datacenter

Instant connectivity via multiple providers ensuring maximum performance and flexibility. With response time (ping requests) less than 10ms all over Greece!

Backup & Restore & Snapshot

Ability to activate and monitor backup from IpHost Tech Team as well as restore your data using security copies, if needed.

Cloud Server Monitoring

All our cloud systems are monitored 24/7 to immediate notified and solve any issue that might appear.

Resources Flexibility

If you need more resources, your VM will instantly be upgraded according to VM Plans offered.

Unique IP

One or more (if needed) ip address installed at your Virtual machine and dedicated to your hosting service only.

SSH Access

Ability to access your VM via SSH for advanced server management using commands.

Control Panel

Manage your VM easily via a simple control panel where you can maintain many modifications. Easy to use and fast user interface for everyone.

30-days Guarantee

If you are not satisfied from our hosting services, we will return your money.
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