Money Back Guarantee

Trust the stress-free hosting services!

For each hosting service (hosting) you activate through our system, we provide a refund for your money if you are not satisfied. The warranty is valid for 30 days from the start of the contract, meaning the first day of your order, While you are refunded 100% of the amount corresponding to the hosting and not just a part.

Note 1:
The guarantee applies only to hosting services. Any other amount you have paid with the hosting cost for a different service, NOT refundable .

Example: You register domain name for 2 years (cost 21.56 euro) and order annual hosting subscription to the HIGH package for the same domain (cost 88 euro). The total amount you will pay for these two services is 109.56 euro. In case within 30 days of your order you notice that the hosting service does not fully serve you, you will be refunded the amount corresponding to the hosting that is 88 euro. The amount corresponding to the cost of the domain is not refunded.

Note 2:
The warranty is valid only for 30 calendar days from the day you place your order. After that time, that is, from the 31st day after your order, the guarantee is not valid and the refund is not applicable.

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