Terms of Use

Terms of web hosting services

IpHost, via the http://www.iphost.net/ website, has disk space on its own and / or exclusively leased servers for its own use. The customer may rent and use the offered space from IpHost for his own purposes.

The Contracting Parties agree and accept the following:

The Customer assures that the material he will upload to the server will be ready and will not need further processing by IpHost for work. IpHost Servers’ fees for web hosting are made on the basis of the pricelist for which it reserves the right readjust.

IpHost notifies the customer of how to access his Control Panel (Cpanel, Plesk), for how to publish his / her web pages and to install his / her e-mail accounts. In addition, it may use the services of the company for the construction, maintenance, management, renewal and advertising of the website in the space assigned to it, subject to the additional cost, which is charged separately. In case the customer does not request any additional programming work on the server from IpHost, he agrees that he has the necessary knowledge and that IpHost is not responsible for providing this knowledge. However, IpHost can make an exception due to good customer-company co-operation and provide support depending on the nature of the issue.

IpHost can also suspended hosting in case an unorthodox mass e-mail is used (spam mail). In addition, using ten percent (10%) or more of system resources is an unnecessary burden on our system and is not acceptable. If the use of a Customer account is more than ten percent (10%) of the funds, the account may be terminated automatically and without prior notice.

IpHost does not control the content of the information that passes through the network. It also does not guarantee the commercial creditworthiness of anyone on the network or the fulfillment of specific promises by others and is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the customer or to those who deal with him, including loss of data due to non-transfer of goods or interruption Service for any cause or error or omission. The use of any information provided via the Internet is the responsibility of the user and IpHost has no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of any information.

For the smooth conduct of the provision of web hosting services, the content of published pages should not be contrary to Law and Good Ethics. The owner of the site is responsible for the law and its content. Any use contrary to the foregoing, except for any criminal or civil sanctions, causes the subscription to be suspended without notice and without being entitled to reimbursement of the fees already paid.

The interruption of web hosting by the user is by written notice to IpHost without the right to refund the fees already paid. IpHost is entitled to interrupt the hosting:

ΤThe personal data declared by the user / client at IpHost are solely used by the company, the National Telecommunications and Post Commission and the Foundation for Research and Technology, Eurid and other Registers depending on the domain name to be patented.

IpHost does not sell or rent the personal data of its customers. IpHost will send personal information to other companies or individuals when:

  1. When the settlement of the financial pending issues is delayed.
  2. When for any reason the web site causes server malfunctions to the detriment of the smooth operation of the other web sites.
  3. When the customer violates the obligations mentioned above.

Financial terms

  1. The customer is able to place an online order of the hosting package he wants through the IpHost site by choosing one of the standard packages offered by the company and are available in his pricelist.The customer has to settle the financial order of his order within 7 calendar days from the day of order. After the specified time, hosting is completely deleted from the server without additional notice.
  2. To renew an existing and active web hosting service, the client has to pay the relevant cost until the end of the subscription. Beyond that date, and unless there is a different update from the customer, hosting goes into suspend without notice. In this situation, in the location of the existing site, the IpHost page is displayed without however making any modifications to the files and / or emails that exist in the hosting. Following this action and if the customer does not contact the company to reactivate the service within 10 calendar days of the end of the service, the hosting is completely deleted from the server of the company.

    The two above-mentioned actions are automatically performed by the company’s system without additional notice of deactivation and deletion.

  3. The corresponding documents are issued after payment of the service cost and are sent by IpHost to the customer by e-mail or by mail at his request.

IpHost informs about the availability of a hosting pending due to the activation of a new subscription or expiration of an existing one as well as for its settlement. The update is performed via automatic emails sent daily to the certified management e-mail that is registered to the user account on its system and where the financial pending is detected.

IpHost reserves the right to change its pricing policy at any time and to modify its pricelist prices.

Accept Terms of Service

The reading of this text is required before using the company’s services. Η πραγματοποίηση παραγγελία για μερικές από τις υπηρεσίες που παρέχει το IpHost σημαίνει κατανόηση και αποδοχή των παραπάνω όρων χρήσης των υπηρεσιών φιλοξενίας ιστοσελίδων. If a customer does not agree with these terms, please do not use the services provided by the company. The company has no liability in the event of a potential future dispute between the customer and the terms of use.

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