Server Monitoring

Monitor your server


Zabbix is an extremely powerful system (monitoring system) which allows you to find and solve malfunctions before they cause problems to your business and clients.


With Zabbix you can:

  • Monitor your infrastructure funtionality every minute
  • Immediately respond and solve problems
  • Co-ordinate your technical department's response
  • Make sure that your SLA applies (if provided)
  • Be updated in time for possible malfunctions before they cause you problem
  • Check your infrastructure and business processes


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Server Monitoring

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How it works

How it works


Our technical department sets Zabbix to monitor critical services including system metrics, network protocols, applications, servers and generally network infrastructure.



Zabbix sends alerts when there is a failure or recovery of critical services informing administrators for important issues that appear. Alerts can be sent via e-mail.



With Zabbix alerts your technical staff can be immediately notified to start checking procedures and solve any issue with no delay. Alerts can be sent to different teams in case issues are not solved within a specified timeline (problem escalating).



Reports provide a recording history of problems or issues happening as well as alerts and responses so they can be examined in the future. Availability reports help you verify that your SLA that might provide to your clients apply (if provided).


Update / Upgrade

When an update or upgrade is scheduled, you can set Zabbix not to send alerts until maintenance is over.



Zabbix graphics allow you to program in time an upgrade or maintenance before problems start.


Control Panel

We provide credentials for Zabbix system so you can have access to your servers records any time and be informed of its functionality. If you have more than one servers, we can put them under the same user account so you can monitor them all together, if you prefer.


Combination with Server Management

In case you have activated Server Management (Simple or Advanced) service in addition to Server Monitoring, your server is monitored by IpHost Technical Support. In case a problem appears, IpHost Tech Support is in charge to check it and proceed with actions according to problem’s nature and Server Management obligations. If Server Management is not activated, Server Monitoring is exclusively managed by your technical department.