Hosting Advice’s tribute to IpHost

Hosting Advice’s tribute to IpHost is a website that provides online information and advice on technology and internet issues, specializing in Hosting. The authors of the page, combining 54 years of experience in the field, boast justifiably as “Web Hosting authorities”. As customers themselves, spending annualy a total of $ 48,000 on Hosting services, they are paid generously to know their stuff perfectly and to provide high quality advice.

So when such a renowned and reputable webpage writes an extensive tribute to a Hosting company, this has a special significance, giving extra prestige and credibility to this company. So with great pleasure we greet the detailed article that uploaded on January 27 on IpHost, containing the company’s history, its position in the current market, as well as a detailed description of our services. With the very descriptive title “IpHost Offers Nearly Two Decades of Experience in Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Servers, Plus Domain Name Registration “, the article is the best advertisement for the experience, services and customer support that have been the jewels on IpHost’s crown for two decades now.

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